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Dr. Tim McCarthy is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice with over 32 years of experience. During the first 28 years of practice he saw how difficult it was for couples to break free from deep-rooted patterns and make real change. So in 2010 he developed a new approach—Relationship Co-Coaching influenced by his extensive experience in executive coaching and leadership team co-coaching. Since then, he has seen couples change more quickly and dramatically than in his first 28 years of doing marital therapy.

His newly published book Relationship Co-Coaching: A New Approach To Deeper Love, Less Conflict has received initial praise by therapists of national reputation and notables in the local community. Dr. McCarthy helps marriages stuck in entrenched negative patterns revitalize with new energy and passion; others on the brink of divorce are saved. He challenges society’s beliefs about romantic love and marriage and helps couples discover tools and skills for creating breakthroughs in their relationship for deeper love—less conflict!

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