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At my Relationship Repair Shop, I help people to have “Less Drama and More Success in their Relationships.”  I am a marriage and family therapist by training, however I also specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.   Your relationship with yourself needs to be healthy and whole in order for you to have successful romantic, personal, and work relationships!  As a couples counselor, I understand that at times all feelings of hope may be gone, and conflict becomes the norm. So, I am passionate about helping relationships regain hope, reconciliation, and connection and what a blessing it is to their children, their parents, their extended family, and their community when a couple's relationship is happy and whole. 

As a national expert and speaker on relationship conflict resolution, my work has been quoted in Forbes, Time, USA Today, and seen on WBAL-TV 11 and Washington D.C. News Channel 8. I host marriage relationship seminars in the Baltimore Washington Region every February during National Marriage Week, and I am the author of Relationship Repair for Couples.  I will help coach you and your partner on how to resolve disagreements and conflicts in your relationship by having a “Customer Service Counter” for your Significant Other™ with the end goal of more effective communication.  

To work with me, I suggest that you start out by taking the quiz on my homepage at to grade the effectiveness of your significant other's Relationship Repair Counter.™  You will also get a grade for the effectiveness of your Relationship Repair Counter!™  Most people find that they have some work to do when it comes to improving how they repair problems in their personal relationships... That's where I fit in.  At the end of Relationship Repair Therapy, you and your significant other will know how to resolve complaints and disagreements effectively at home without my assistance.  I believe that when couples are working together as a team which includes repairing complaints and concerns, they reap one of life’s greatest benefits - that of a lasting partnership.

I also recommend that when you start working with me, you complete a full online inventory called PREPARE/ENRICH.  The results of this inventory (you receive your own personal report of the results) help couples preparing for marriage or couples already married to create a better, stronger relationship by identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your relationship.  The results of PREPARE/ENRICH help guide the therapy goals and our work together.  I am committed to helping you and your partner achieve the level of intimacy, teamwork, and communication you both desire!

Please go to my website at where you can take the free quiz to grade the effectiveness of your significant other’s Relationship Repair Counter,™ order a copy of my book Relationship Repair for Couples, or schedule an appointment online. You are welcome to contact me directly using the form here at Your Tango or call my office at (301) 490-1011. I look forward to servicing you and your relationship, so let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.   Make Your Life and Your Relationships Matter!

To Your Relationship and Personal Success,

Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr, LCMFT


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