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As the expert in this field, I know how important relationships of all different sorts are.  And I also know how difficult and challenging they can be.  When they're going well, you feel satisfied, joyful, and at peace.  But when they're not ... feelings of isolation, uncertainty, insecurity, abandonment, and a whole host of other uncomfortable emotions set in.  Can you relate to this?

The good news is that there are skills and ways to behave that you can learn so you don't have to experience these dreadful feelings.  There are emotions that can be healed. Through my work, and more importantly through my life, I know the roadmap to help you get past the old stuck patterns in order to create the life you want. You can have the connected relationships you so desire!  

It's really important to me to offer you the tools you need so they can have the connected relationships that once brought you together.  You see - it's personal to me. I came from parents who had a lousy marriage and I want so much to help you (and your kids) not experience my past.  

Speaking of past ... have you ever noticed how without even realizing it, things from your past creep into your relationship now?  All of a sudden, you're reacting to your mate, making them a target and you don't even realize it!  This is a real stuck point for couples who don't know how to deal with these old feelings.  Or ... how about those awful feelings that your partnership is"stale." The fun is gone, everything just seems so bland, there's not much to talk about. So often, it seems it would just be easier to start fresh. Yet, I know from the people I've worked with that relationships can be revitalized!

After having worked with couples for the last 25 years, I feel comfortable offering the truth about what happens after you make a commitment.  The little niceties go away and life takes over.  There's stress, kids, bills, not enough time.  Little by little feelings of disconnection, loneliness, and a whole host of other negative feelings start to become the norm.  I even know some of these feelings personally! 

Add to this the fact that people are just not taught how to be a couple!  As I said at the beginning, it doesn't have to be that way.  Couples can now have at their fingertips tools to help them navigate the roadmap back to connection and satisfaction.  And ... based on my Action/Reaction (TM) concept, meaning that when one person acts a certain way, the other will follow in kind.  This sure helps when a partner is hesitant to join in.

I look forward to connecting with you in a variety of ways and offering you tips and techniques to help you bring back those wonderful feelings to feel the satisfaction, fun, and connection you so desire!

Join me and let's get you started back towards a great relationship!

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