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It can be hard to admit, but we are our relationships.  Whether we are in an amazing relationship, a lonely one or an unhealthy one, it has a profound impact on success in all areas of our lives.  Specializing in relationships over the past 10 years has allowed me to work with folks leaving abusive relationships to singles seeking out "the one", to couples wanting to improve their relationships and even divorced parents struggling to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship. 

As a psychotherapist and relationship specialist I know the profound impact that working on our relationships has on improving all aspects of our lives.  I see the folks that I work with improve their primary relationship and then experience amazing success in their professional lives, their hobbies and their friendships.  What can I say, I love what I do!

Recently, I have been branching out into live radio as a way to reach a broader audience and continue de-stigmatizing the importance and awareness of mental health services in the community.  I'm in the process of launching MyHappyCouple in early 2015, an online resource for couples to grow their relationship skills.  I'm really excited about the online program as it meets the needs of newlyweds to empty-nesters to effective co-parenting in divorced couples.

Lastly, I also work really hard at maintaining balance in my personal life by spending time with my husband and practicing the art of humility while running after my two-year old twins.  I would also say staying active in my CrossFit gym is another amazing resource for self-care and emotional/physical release.

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