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In western Java there are also a number of neolithic sites that have not been known to date for sure. The western part of the neolithic site is a workshop site so that the aspects studied are limited to technological aspects. Based on data obtained on the neolithic site in western Java especially in the Cineammaka area, this paper will reveal other aspects, namely the placement of neolithic sites in the Cineam region and any factors behind the site pattern neolithic site in the Cineam region. Layout patterns and underlying factors are expected to provide clues about human behavior in utilizing space (natural environment) for their activities. The problems raised are solved by using quantitative and quantitative analysis. In processing the data regarding the location of the neolithic site is used as a reference to create a site distribution map. Furthermore, the map is spread out (overlay technique) on topographic maps so that it will be known the site's distribution and its location on mountains, rivers, or other physical symptoms (Bintartodan Surastopo, 1991: 25-26 and 74-75). by reviewing the condition of natural resources at each site as well as neolithic sites in the Cineam region. The resource variables in the study, including place height, slope, soil type, effective depth of soil, vegetation, rock types, springs, and rivers. The analysis refers to the criteria used in geography. The results of the analysis of each site are integrated to find out the pattern of site placement in the area of ​​Cameroon on natural resources and the factors that influence the placement of neolithic sites in the Cineam region.