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About Alex Wise

I am a life coach and my areas of specialization and focus are personal development and relationships. I have been helping and educating people on how to become successful in different areas of their lives such as career and business as well as how to build lasting relationships and lay the foundations for lasting love. I especially do a lot of work in the area of love and relationships. One of the most painful experiences in life is the death of a relationship, many are victims of it and I have been a victim of it myself so I know how it feels. My goal is to help and educate people so that they avoid this painful experience. Some relationships will inevitably fail, but most can succeed if people knew the keys to staying in love and managing their differences.

I also Hold a bi-monthly Google hangout event called Let’s Talk Relationships which is like a talk show and seminar wrapped up in one. This event gives people (regardless of their marital status) the chance to come together and discuss the real issues they are going through in their relationship or as singles and find solutions.