The One Mistake You're Making That Is Killing His Sex Drive

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Can you really blame him for not finding this sexy?

There's no question that we can all use a little reassurance from time to time but constantly requiring affirmation is a major turnoff (not to mention a total hit to your partner's sex drive). If you often find yourself asking him "Does this make me look fat?" or "Do you see the roll over my jeans?", we're going to have to stop you right there because this intervention is more than necessary.

Dating expert Laurel House dishes on why complaining or pointing out what you consider are your "flaws" won't win you any points. Guys think you're sexy until you convince them otherwise. Think about it for a second: Would you really be hot and bothered if your guy always second guessed himself or would you just plain be bothered? Even though we're all insecure about something, this doesn't make it healthy to continuously criticize yourself and get upset when he can't see the imperfections that you do see. 

If you want your relationship to grow (and last), you're going to have to let them see you through your eyes; the only way to do that is to stop your insecurity in its tracks. You already know that he adores you — why would you even question that? It's about time that you keep your head high and rock that confidence like the goddess that you are.

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