Love Bytes: 10 Signs You're Truly Head-Over-Heels In Love

couple on beach

Love is the name of the game and we're all trying to figure out the rules.

Figuring out what your emotions are doing is a test of patience. Relationships are great and utterly confusing because there are times when you think you love someone, but you don't actually know. Here are ten signs that may help you decipher your feelings! (AskMen)

We've all seen those sexy scenes in movies. The ones where exhibitionism is kinda hot even though we feel guilty about thinking that way. In reality, the sexy times are best kept incognito — especially when you've got kids to think about. (The Stir)

We feel bad for these dogs ... all they want is companionship with their feline friends. But hey, at least it makes for a hilarious video? (Catster)

Everyone's sex life works best with firm boundaries set up. I had no idea that there were boundaries that the government made for us! Here are ten of the weirdest sex laws in the US! (Huffington Post Weird News)

"I've loved you forever" is one of those romantic, awww-inducing lines from every classic romcom in existence. On paper and film it sounds fantastic, but loving someone forever is a lot less glamorous than they make it seem. This man might've taken a romantic hyperbole and made it extra creepy. (The Frisky)

You're moving in together and couldn't be happier! There's only one issue: it's furry and four-legged. (Catster)

Your 20's is the decade when you stop caring about other people's opinions, travel the world, stay up until dawn, and date whomever you want. It's freedom at it's finest. But there's an upside to having an S.O. in your life during this tumultuous time period. (PopSugar)

If you're more interested in taking a selfie than cuddling the naked human in your bed, then there's a problem. The #AfterSexSelfie trend continues on Instagram. (BroMyGod)

College is party central, so live it up. I say that my 20's are party central and I plan on taking full advantage of my youth to dance on tables and wear short dresses to loud parties. College is just the first step. (BroMyGod)

I love my country, but there's a lot of ignorance about sex. Here's a short list of things that America needs to realize about the sexy times. (Huffington Post Good News)

Reese Witherspoon struts like a runway model in her favorite jacket. If I looked like that, I'd wear it constantly too. (SheFinds)

The single life is thrilling and irritating. Getting a date in 2014 seems more like a job than our actual job. What happened to meeting someone at a bar or a class and having a connection? (CollegeCandy)

There is nothing more sensual than a massage from your S.O. Learn how to give a bone-melting, tension-relieving massage and you may get more than you bargained for. (ModernMan)

Reality TV and porn. More accurately, reality TV stars who were also porn stars. (The Gloss)

Have you ever seen a woman wrapped up in her S.O's clothing? Ever noticed guy's kissing a woman near her pulse point or burying their nose in her hair? Smell is a huge part of attraction. Keep that in mind the next time you cuddle with your date. (DearVagina)

Heartbreak can be a mountain to climb. Emotional hurts take a lot of patience, a lot of time, and often, a change in perspective for us to really get over it. (Cupid's Pulse)

Strong, independent women have a bad rep. Guys tend to go for the wilting flowers, the helpless and hapless, but the world is changing. Women are taking care of themselves now and they're getting into relationships for companionship instead of necessity. Does this change in world order intimidate men? (Cupid's Pulse)

A dress that turns transparent when you're wanting to have the sexy times? This sounds like a great idea in theory, but a little bit too revealing for mainstream society. (SheFinds)

Having trouble snagging a dude? Well, here are nine tips that'll make any man fall for your irresistible charms. (SheFinds)

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