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Teacher Gets ‘Vile’ Email From Mom Of Student Saying She Can’t Put Up With Her Kid Anymore

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Parenting can be a very stressful job, especially if you are a single mother trying to manage work while maintaining a stable home life for your kids. The pressure of it all can be a lot for one person to handle, and it's important to have people you can call on for help and support. 

On her podcast "Would You Believe...?", Rebecca Rogers, a former high school teacher turned current content creator, shared the story of a struggling mother that brought her to tears. Rather than reaching out to the teacher for help, she confided that she was going to send her son to live elsewhere with someone he had never met. 

The mother emailed Rogers to say that she "doesn't know if she can put up with" her son anymore.

During the last week of school before Thanksgiving break, Rogers received multiple emails from one of her student’s mothers who explained why her son would not be returning to school once the break was over. Rogers claimed that the mother of the student was saying “vile things” about her not wanting to take care of her son anymore.



"He doesn't know it, but over Thanksgiving break, I'm gonna send him to his dad's house, who he's never met before," the mom wrote in her email. "And if his dad won't take him, I'm just gonna put him in foster care."

The mother admitted that she had no intention of telling her son about his removal from school or the change in parenting. However, she did warn Rogers about what would happen if she decided to tell her child about this plan.

“This is confidential, and if you tell him or try to warn him, I will sue you, and I will come for your job, and I will get you fired,” she claims.

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Desperate to do something, Rogers went to admin to see if there was any possibility of helping this child, but unfortunately, they said they could not interfere.

Although she could not help in any way, Rogers wanted to stay in touch with the student to make sure that he would be alright wherever he ended up. 

“The day before Thanksgiving break I just went up to him and I said ‘Hey, I know you've been working on getting some of your grades up and I just want to make sure that you have my email address in case you have questions or need any help over break,’” Rogers shared. 

The student insisted that he did not need her email, but Rogers refused to let the student leave without having it. Eventually, the student agreed, and she never saw him again. 

Two weeks later, Rogers received an email from the student, now understanding why Rogers wanted him to have her email. The student shared that he was safe in California, living with his father. 

“It was just so gross to me that this parent was laughing and using the foster care system as a threat," Rogers said.

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Leading up to the heartbreaking news, Rogers admitted she knew something was going on at the student's home.

Over the school year, the student has been through many difficult challenges. The mother kept trying to do conferences with the teachers because the son was allegedly harming himself. However, the son said that this was not true, and the mother was looking for attention.

Allegedly, the mother secretly put pills into her son's bag and then called the school, accusing her son of stealing her pills, and demanding that the police get involved. The pills were already gone by the time the mother called.

Although there are sides to every story, Rogers knew that something was not right. “Sides don't matter; some things are just wrong,” she said in her podcast.

Rogers desperately wanted to help the student in this messy situation, but the counselors said that nothing could be done.

In a YouTube video Rogers made a couple of years ago, she admitted that parents and admin are one of the top reasons why she no longer teaches.

There's no way for teachers to truly know what happens behind closed doors once their students go home. Although Rogers couldn't warn her student or interfere with the mother's plan, she did what she could to help. Even when the admin told her there was nothing to be done, she ensured that the student had some form of communication and knew that she was a resource he could lean on.

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