Same Love: Why Doesn't Coming Out Get Better With Age?


Having the courage to be who you are doesn't come easy but it's worth it.

Even though there has been a major shift when it comes to the fight for equality (and a lot of progress has been made around the world), there's no question that coming out of the closet can be pretty scary. It is such a hard experience to go through. Just summoning up the courage to be honest about who you are with your family even though you may be afraid of what their opinions will be (not to mention if your relationships with them will change) is anxiety inducing. It goes without saying that telling friends and family members that you're gay is tough under the best of circumstances — Can you imagine doing this when you're much older?

Dating expert Mary Malia's advice on coming out of the closet as a lesbian later on in life without being anxious over the outcome is spot on. It's not completely a lesbian playground out there; don't take it personally if you fall for a woman who pushes you away since you're new to the dating game. It's not about you; enjoy who you are and the experiences you are having but expect that there are probably going to be some bumps in the road. You spent your whole life being interested in men so it makes sense that there are a few lessons about lesbian sex and love that you still have to learn. It's natural to feel worried; just because you bated for a different team when you were younger doesn't mean you won't be able to jump back into the dating field. Just do your thing!