Dad Is Moving Out? How To Break The News


It's going to hurt a lot but it's better to be honest than to just prolong the inevitable.

When it comes to getting a divorce, having to deal with living apart is just the beginning. Unless someone has been through something like this personally, it's hard to describe the sheer amount of pain and jealousy that comes up when you realize that your husband is gone. And finding out that he has already moved on is even worse. As if being a single parent wasn't difficult enough, just the thought of having to be the bearer of bad news and tell the kids that their dad is going to be living somewhere else makes our heart feel heavy. Even though no one ever said it'd be easy, we wish that there was some kind of manual that told us how to react and what to say.

Parenting expert Micki Mcwade couldn't be more right by saying that while you need to be straight with your kids about what is going on, you shouldn't give them a huge time frame to worry about it. Give them just enough time and space to be comfortable with asking questions but not to the point where they start getting anxious over when the big move is changing. Our lives aren't the only ones being uprooted with the divorce. It'll take them some time to get there but they will eventually — And so will you.