Find A Sexy Look That Matches Your Inner Flirt [VIDEO]

sexy red heels

Once you've made over your inner self, find a sexy new look to show off your inner flirt.

In weeks 1-3 of our Love Life Makeover video series, dating expert Dr. Diana Kirschner has helped Love Life Makeover winner, Nadette, connect with her true love intentions and ditch negative feelings from past relationships. Episode 4 shows Dr. Diana coaching Nadette on something a bit more carefree: her look!

In preparation for a first date with a new love interest, Dr. Diana takes Nadette shopping and to a hair salon, helping her choose clothing and a hairstyle to reflect the new sexy, feminine inner-self that Nadette has unearthed.

Watch below to see the result of Nadette's makeover and tips on how to you can show off your sexy self, too.

Watch next week as the newly made-over Nadette works it on her first date. If you missed last week's episode, watch now: Good Riddance! How To FINALLY Get Over Your Ex

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