Good Riddance! How To FINALLY Get Over Your Ex

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Love, Heartbreak

Dr. Diana Kirschner shares tips on how to get over an ex and get on with new love.

In episode three of YourTango's Love Life Makeover video series, relationship guru Dr. Diana Kirschner helps Love Life Makeover winner, Nadette, uncover and release pent-up emotions about her ex-fiance.

According to Dr. Diana, identifying and releasing anger and self-sabotaging beliefs are important steps to letting go of past heartbreak. Getting negative beliefs and feelings out in the open helps us make space for new love to enter our lives. Watch as Nadette works through her disappointment, sadness and anger from her broken-off engagement.

Don't miss next week's episode when Nadette undergoes a style makeover. Dr. Diana helps her choose makeup, clothing and a hairstyle to reflect the new, empowered Nadette.

In case you missed it, watch last week's episode to find out how Nadette connected with what she really wants from love. You'll learn a little something about setting your own relationship goals, too.

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