Oh Where Oh Where is Mr. Right?


So many of the women I meet in their 30s who are successful, interesting and accomplished find themselves alone. They have friends. They have social skills and they are desirable. But the whole dating drama has them in a tizzy. Often their primary strategies for meeting potential mates includes: internet dating, going to parties and bars with friends or getting fixed up with people who come recommended, but so often these attempts end with high expectations and disappointment. Their collective refrain seems to be, "I'll never meet Mr.Right!".
A few tips for the savvy woman dating so that she increases her chances:
1) Are you out in social scenarios relatively frequently (e.g. a few times a week) that have anything to do with your values or interests where other people who are your age might be? For example, if you really care about health then perhaps you will meet more appropriate potential mates at the climbing gym, beach, or training for a marathon rather than at a bar. It's a numbers game, remember. And you have to leave your desk, apartment and married friends' homes enough for Mr. Right to find you!
2) Are you smiling, approachable and friendly when you are out? Many people who claim they want to meet someone are actually in social scenarios where they could meet someone but are busied with their phones, frowning or trying to appear too cool to be approached. If you give off that kind of vibe it will take a drunken narcissist to cut through all of that to get to you (definitely not Mr. Right!).
3) Are you being Mrs. Right? If you aren't embodying those attributes you expect to see in Mr. Right (you know, kindness, openness, wit, charm, good manners, sex appeal, etc,.) then how do you expect Mr. Right to find you?