Rushing Into the Right Thing

Rushing Into the Right Thing

When we think about rushing, we often think about it turning out badly. But who’s to say that if you’ve done your homework, and checked things out, that you couldn’t rush into something terrific - maybe even something that you’ve wanted for a long time?

What if the relationship of your dreams fell right in your lap today?

Think about it for a minute because I’m so serious.

Think about the relationship you want to enjoy - the man who loves you the way you’ve always wanted - the time you want to spend together - and the way you feel when you think of him.

How would you feel about him and the relationship if it all came together as you were leaving work today? I’m sure you would feel good, but is there an aftertaste of fear and unbelief? Does the thought of you meeting an attractive, grounded, and focused man scare you right now? It shouldn’t, but many of us are scared of our dreams coming true. And that fear is keeping us from exploring, involving, and accepting opportunities we encounter every day.

My job as a Companionship Coach is to help you resolve those fears, so that when the right man and relationship comes along, you can rush right into the best times of your life. Sure, you have to be careful, but there’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself to enjoy the love you know you’ve always wanted.

Here are some reasons to rush into the right thing:

1. Because you deserve it

2. Because you’re suppose to enjoy good things in your life

3. Because you’ve waited long enough

4. Because there’s no way to overdose on love, we all need more than we’re getting right now

5. Because he deserves you (he’s probably been waiting to be with you as much as you’ve been waiting to be with him)

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be aware of what’s going on. But in my experience, I’ve found that the right relationships don’t take a long time to develop if one or both people are ready to be in them. Some people miss out on the good stuff because they weren’t ready for it to happen “today” - like tomorrow would be a better time to have the enjoyment and satisfaction you crave.

If while thinking about meeting someone special today, you had an aftertaste of fear, it’s time to work on those things. That fear could easily talk you out of a great love, not just save you from a bad thing.