You Are Worthy of Love

You Are Worthy of Love

One of the first things you must realize is that you are worthy of love. One of the tragedies that hold most people back from finding their Soul Mate is their inadequate self image of themselves. You may not have an inadequate self image of yourself in many areas, but if you have been single for a while, in the area of relationships you have a poor and inadequate self image that has the ascendency in your spirit at this time. You must therefore get rid of this inadequate self image and replace it with adequate self image that says you are worthy of love. This self image could have been brought on by many different things such as:

• Something relationship wise that happened in your childhood.
• A relationship that you were in that went bad as a teenager.
• As a result of an abusive relationship that you were in.
• A marriage that ended in a divorce.
• Verbal communication that was spoken that hurt your self-esteem.

Whatever the reasons you have to get those thoughts of inadequacy out of your spirit and begin to replace them with spiritual positive thoughts of adequacy that will bring about a change to your self image. You are worthy of love for because;

• You are made in the image of God.
• You deserve to meet your Soul Mate.
• Marriage is honorable in the sight of God.
• You have so much love to give.
• You are worth loving.

From this day forward begin to recondition yourself and renew your mind. Begin to believe that the old inadequate self image is no longer a part of your life but the new you is now emerging. This is the beginning of a new birth for you, the world has not seen the new you yet but they will. The coming forth of this new you is up to you and you accept it now and the world will see it and applaud you.