How Much Love Are You Giving?


How much love are you giving? I work with people everyday who often feel that no one really loves them. Or they wonder if they will ever experience a real love relationship with another.

But the question we all should be asking is...”how much love am I giving?” Because only what we are not giving can be lacking in any situation. The purpose of relationships is to expand us and where our love is conditional, we need expansion. Wanting to be loved when you are not ready or willing to give love is really a very selfish and self serving desire.

Can you love even in the absence of love? Can you love even when it seems that no one is reciprocating?

True love has no expectations...all true love wants to do is give it. So I ask you once much love are you giving? Take a look around you...if your life is not overflowing with love...maybe you're the missing link.