How to Have a Great First Date

How to Have a Great First Date

First Date Time!!

Whether you met him through a friend or met him online, it's progressed to the point he's asked you out. How do you make sure you have the best first date possible with a guy.

Tip Number One: Meet in Public
Whatever you do, follow this rule first and foremost. It's for both you safety and to give you plenty to talk about during those awkward silences. Plus, you can always get up and leave if it's going really, really badly.

Tip Number Two: The Rescue Phone Call
Have a friend call you about thirty minute into the date. This will give you a chance to have an "emergency". Don't feel bad, he's probably set one up as well.

Tip Number Three: Share Something Personal
Don't get do deep, but do share something that is fairly personal to you. If he can handle a little deep talk, you know you've got a keeper. If he acts like he swallowed a hamster you know it was all about getting in your pants.

Tip Number Four: Watch the Body Language
People who are interested in what you are saying will lean in slightly and make good eye contact. Their arms will remain open and not folded up. Also, is he watching his watch? That's a sign that you've got a guy who just isn't into you.

Tip Number Five: Let Him Get the Check
Hey, chivalry is sick but maybe it's not dead. If he doesn't offer to get the check in full, pay your half of it and send that guy back to the back of the line.

Tip Number Six: One Kiss Only
It's the first date. You don't owe him anything and even though you might want to take him home and see him naked in the tub, resist the urge. Sex on the first date sends the wrong message. Let the evening end with a nice passionate kiss.

Final Tip: Who is to Call Who and When
If the first date's been great, set up a time and place to make contact again. Make certain you and he agree and stick to it. If the call doesn't happen for some reason, then you know it's just not gonna happen.

Enjoy that first date and remember if it doesn't go well, you get to have another first date soon. And, really, doesn't a first date beat them all?