The Five Minute Way to Start a Great Day

The Five Minute Way to Start a Great Day

Start your day with a five minute ritual which brings focus, clarity, growth, success and happiness.

Before you begin your day, right after you've waken (and made that 911 run to the potty) take a seat on your bed and take five minutes to prepare the cornerstone of your day.

Begin with clearing your mind and imagining yourself on a beach, in a mountain forest next to a stream or any other special place in your mind. As you sit quietly going to your special place. Breathe in and out ten times deeply and slowly.

It is time now to bring to mind all you are grateful for...your friends, your job, your pet, your boyfriend or girlfriend. Let this images pass before you pausing on each one to say thank you to your Higher Power.

After a moment, ask yourself "what must I accomplish this day" and then let your mind bring you the things you are working on. If something comes up that doesn't feel right, then dismiss it and replace it with one that feels good.

Time to switch the focus to others. Bring to mind one or two random people you can be especially kind to today. Kindness may be a simple touch on the back, a "good job" or a hug of support. Make it two people you don't normally show such compassion toward and make the commitment to the kindness.

Finally, while in your special place in your mind, speak the desires of your heart following each with "I create it to be so.". For example, the image of a paper your must present. Allow the image to become all of your senses, the smells of the room, the temperature....let it all become real. Now see yourself doing the act and succeeding. Pay attention to the good feelings you get before you open your eyes. You are prepared and nothing can stop you!

As you prepare to end your quiet time, thank God or your Higher Power for the fact that you are a beloved child of the Creator and you are a loved Child. All tings are yours through God who wants nothing but the very best for His children of all races, faiths, beliefs and orientations.