What Dads Really Want for Father's Day

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Are you struggling to find the right gift for Father’s Day? Maybe you’ve already given the spectrum of "manly gifts' in the past—a new drill, a new razor or that fake golf club that dispenses drinks. If all you have is a list of the same old ideas, you can take that ugly tie and the set of barbeque tools back to the store because I know what Fathers really want and it’s surprisingly inexpensive, but not cheap.

My wife asked me the other day what I wanted for Father’s day, knowing that our kids are likely to forget the day altogether or have difficulty hitch hiking to the store for a gift (if they have any money). At first, I was at a loss for words. What do I want? A new tech gadget? A day of golf or fishing? I must say, the feel of a new power tool in the hand is pretty awesome and it holds promise for all kinds of home improvement dreams, most of which we end up subcontracting. The twisted part of this scenario is that I will ultimately pay for the gift, one way or another. That led me to think more deeply about what I really wanted for Father's Day.

Most fathers can buy their own "stuff." In buying a Father’s Day gift, it really is the thought that counts, not the stuff. Thoughtful gifts are pretty hard to come by. Lame gifts seem to be the norm. Need I remind you of last Christmas? A gift is lame when it's generic and doesn’t consider the person's desires or personal interests. A lame gift is what YOU want them to have instead of what the receiver wants to have. It’s my six year buying me his favorite candy bar hoping I'll share. Cute, but lame. As a kid, I recall buying my older sibling one of those multi-color packets of clay. The pack included six colors, but somehow my sister only received five. Lame.

Expensive gifts can also be lame. My wife is a bit strange, in a cute sort of way. She doesn't want flowers or jewelry as a gift. I've learned that the hard way. Early in our marriage she returned the diamond earrings I bought for her because they put us in a financial crunch. I was hurt. I thought I was sacrificing for my true love, but what I was really doing was sacrificing her financial peace. The gift totally backfired. Lame.

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