Your Super Self-Esteem Tool


This is a simple tool I use with my clients that helps build confidence and self-esteem. An easy, wonderful way to increase your self-confidence is to write about your achievements!! This will give you tangible evidence of your accomplishments and something to refer back to when you experience moments of insecurity during the coaching process or anytime in life. This little tool change has the power to change lives all by itself!

If you’re feeling unmotivated, keep this by your bed so you can read your unique qualities and achievements first thing in the morning. This will give you a boost that will last all day!

Instructions: Here’s how to create your very own Super Self-Esteem tool: On a blank sheet of paper…

• list at least 10 things that make you special

• list at least 20 personal achievements, accomplishments and successes –even if it's learning to ride a bicycle!

• list at least 20 things that you are good at or can do well – this could include brushing your teeth or mastering your Blackberry!

• list 10 exceptional qualities or unique characteristics about you

• write down at least 2 attractive physical features - even long eyelashes or sexy ear lobes count!

Read this list to yourself out loud every morning for 2 weeks!