Take Inspired Action


Have you ever had a spur-of-the-moment urge to do something like clean out a closet, move your living room furniture around or paint a room? Have you noticed that when you’re operating from a spontaneous urge there’s a sense of effortlessness and happiness in what you’re doing? It's amazing isn't it? Normally this activity feels like a chore if it’s motivated from a place of “I have to”, or “I should”. Any action or activity feels so much better when we want to do it, doesn’t it?

So, how can we have more of these inspired actions?

It's very interesting that as you spend time imagining, visioning and planning whatever it is you want to create, you’ll experience more and more of these spontaneous urges to take action towards it. The dream or vision holds the key.

Often times we get so busy that we fall out of sync with our dream or vision. We forget to listen for those urges and it starts to feel like drudgery. When that happens, come back to your vision, put your “to do” list away and listen. Listen for those natural urges pointing you to the activities that will move you forward, toward your vision. When you take happily inspired action steps, before you know it, your vision will become your reality.

What inspired action is calling to YOU today?