Turbo Power Your New Year's Resolutions


Tips for making sure your New Year's Resolutions result in success!

Ah, New Year's..... Assuming you are like the rest of us: you've had enough of your family and in-laws, you've indulged a bit too much and you are ready to have more routine again. And as the clean slate of 2011 dawns, perhaps you consult your horoscope to see what destiny has in store for you. Or for those of you who prefer to take a more active role in your lives, you make New Year's Resolutions, setting an intention for what you hope for in 2011. Yet in most cases, neither a fortuitous horoscope nor good intentions alone can help us make substantive changes that matter.

Sure, chance and intention count but there are a few more essential ingredients that help to ensure success:

1) Insight. Suppose you want to quit smoking or you want to meet someone special or have children this year. It is important to understand more about what gets in your way, what has failed in previous attempts, what you haven't tried etc,. so that you can have a stronger strategy for approaching your goals now. If you do the same thing you have always done, without more insight, you likely are going to get the same result.

2) Deepen your goal and create rewards along the way. Is your goal to be a size 4 and you are a size 14? Ask yourself why you want to be a size 4 so that your goal is grounded in other things that will feel good along the way. For example, if being a size 4 represents to you that you are beautiful, healthy, and attractive. Make your goal to be these things in all ways (e.g. take better care of yourself, work out regularly, try out a new look) so that you can enjoy your relationship to beauty and health each day as you move toward your goal.

3) Support. Making sure others know what you intend to do and have been enlisted to support you to make changes is one of the best strategies. Everyone from friends and family to support groups, coaches and therapists can be enlisted to facilitate changes strategically.

If you find that you cannot make progress using these simple steps, enlist the help of a professional coach or therapist to assess and support you moving forward.
May 2011 provide you with all the opportunity and motivation to create your dreams. And as our New Year's gift to you, we are offering a half hour complimentary assessment and coaching session to support your success. Simply contact us at www.consonanceconsulting.com.

Happy New Year!