Online Dating Is 50 Years Old: The Humble Beginnings

woman kissing computer online dating
Love, Self, OKCupid and eHarmony were all inspired by the New York-based Project TACT.

Nick Paumgarten, author of the above New Yorker article, investigates this question in his book "Online Dating: Sex, Love, and Loneliness." He doesn't think romantic love necessarily grows from a "mutual interest and enthusiasm for spicy food and Fleetwood Mac," but he might be biased as he met his wife without having to sign up for or eHarmony.

Helen Fisher, a research professor at Rutgers and a renowned scholar of human attraction and attachment, argues that meeting someone in a bar is more artificial than meeting someone online. "We've come to believe that this is the way to court. But that couldn't be further from the truth. What's natural is knowing a few fundamental things about someone before you meet," she says.

Are you glad online dating is alive and well almost 50 years later? Do you think it's a fad or that it's not going away anytime soon?