OK, Where Is Prince Charming & Why Is He Hiding? [VIDEO]


Seriously, why is love like a game of chase? What happened to there being plenty of fish in the sea?

From all of the bad relationships that we've been in, you would think that it would be easier to weed out all of the jerks in the dating game. But for some reason, we keep falling for different guys who play the same tricks and it's getting really frustrating. Why is it so hard to find a genuine guy who isn't interested in playing games? Mr. Right, where are you right now — Is your bus just running late?

Sometimes, the constant let down of a date gone wrong can make it seem like there's something wrong with us. But that isn't true at all. Dating expert Dr. Karin Anderson says that it's totally normal to feel this way. When we see all of our friends pairing off and getting married, our natural instincts are going to make us wonder when it's going to be our turn. Come on, Prince Charming — What are we, chopped liver? When it comes to finding the right guy, the struggle is so real out there. That's why Dr. Anderson believes that taking ourselves down and trying to figure out what we're doing wrong does nothing to help our situation or speed up the process. She couldn't be more right. We can't control love; we seriously need to just let it happen and enjoy the ride.