Don't Hate The Game 2: Fantasy Football & Guys Demystified

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What is fantasy football? Why do guys obsess over it so much? Tomfoolery gives us the 101.

Our series on guys and football kicked off this week with insights that our resident guy's guy, Tomfoolery, provided the women in our office. See, we were starting to think that NFL stood for "No Freaking Love" and that for the next five months in our lives, we'd never see our significant others during weekend daylight hours. Tomfoolery schooled us on the important psychosocial role football plays in guys' lives.

Still, one of the biggest mysteries the women in our office encountered is fantasy football: real life games aren't enough to satisfy guys' cravings? Here Tomfoolery enlightens us on why fantasy football doesn't have to be every woman's nightmare. Fantasy Football May Save Your Marriage

Faye: What blows my mind is that guys know so much about every single player. How in the world do you retain all that information, and do you sit on ESPN half of your day and just read that?

Tomfoolery: There's such a huge amount of information out there that it's easy, even if you're just a casual fan, to find some information that sticks with you. Another part of the big deal about knowing stats is thanks to the explosion of fantasy football.

Girls: Fantasy football! What's with that?

Tomfoolery: For guys, it's about community. You talk trash to each other on the message board, and despite all these guys being on different teams, it represents what a good football fan you are if you put together a fantasy football team and you win. Don't Hate The Game: A Guy's Guy Schools Us On Men & Football

Faye: Girls don't have that one thing we're obsessed with that would upset us for days if we didn't have it. For a lot of guys, football really takes over.

Tomfoolery: You have The Bachelor.

Girls: Nah. And we don't have Fantasy Bachelor drafts.

Natalie: Well, I admit, I know a lot of useless information too — like, I know all the Kardashian sisters' birthdays.