Married Men May Have A Better Chance Of Surviving A Heart Attack

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A new study says married men get to the hospital faster, improving their chances of survival.

Women must truly be men's magic charms... or just the ones who insist their S.O. see a doctor. And soon.

A new Canadian study says that married men and men in common-law relationships head to the doctor to treat a heart attack earlier than single, divorced and widowed men. The researchers insist married men have a higher chance to surviving this life-threatening episode since they get to the hospital sooner.

In the study, the researchers looked at 4,403 heart-attack cases in Ontario (average age: 67 years old). Two-thirds of those studied were men. Of the entire group, 46 percent traveled to the hospital within two hours, and 74 percent made it there within six hours. Is He The One? Couple Born In Same Hospital Room

Just among the married group, 75 percent saw a doctor within six hours of the first signs of chest pain, while only 68 percent of single, 68 percent of divorced and 71 percent of widowed patients sought the same care. Researchers figure this has to do with women taking the roles of caretakers... they insist on a hospital visit. And it's great that they do! That extra time is crucial—minutes matter.

"At the patient level, among patients with an exact time of onset of chest pain, the adjusted time saved [by married patients] was a remarkable half-hour," said Dr. Clare Atzema, who works at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Toronto. "Among all the factors that had an effect in the primary outcome model, only calling an ambulance had a greater influence on the time to presentation. Because cardiovascular disease is the most frequent cause of death in Canada and the Western world, the benefit at the population level is substantial." Married Men Getting Richer, Thanks To Women

So, word to married men: Listen to your wives. Get to the hospital. Single guys: Please, listen to your heart. Get to the hospital.