The Worst Sex Scandals In Politics

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Who is more scandalous -- Democrats or Republicans?

Although both political parties have had their fair share of sex scandals over the years, one party in particular seems to have had the overall worst ones. Now how do you define "worst" exactly? Well, The Frisky spells—or counts—it out for us with a scorecard, listing 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans involved in some of the biggest, most recent sex scandals. A base score is given to each politician for the type of sex scandal they were involved in (eg. love child, "standard," sexual harassment, sexting) then bonus points are added or subtracted for lurid details surrounding the event like, "Announced his divorce in a press conference before telling his wife." So, who was the culprit? And what were the final scores?

Find out all the juicy answers on The Frisky: Democrat Vs. Republican Sex Scandal Showdown: Which Party Has The Worst Scandals?

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