Older Women Using Social Networks For A "quickie

4. Make sure your rendezvous is not at the expense of caring for your teenage children. Many women get “so into the texting” that they forget they are raising children. Children are going to practice what they see.
5. Prior to getting involved with anyone make sure you have a clear idea of what you want. Make sure your clear idea has been communicated to your partner. You have more to lose than you may have at the age of twenty.
If you are turning to sexting and social media for sex because you feel old and bored with your life, may I suggest a few other outlets that may not lead to the consequences you will surely face with quick sex?
1. Invest in traveling. Join a singles club of like-minded people who like to get away. You will learn more, and when you talk to others there will be more interests in your recent escapes.
2. Take tango lessons. If you don’t have a partner when you sign up, tell the instructor. They will help assign someone to you.
3. Go back to school. Learning is a wonderful way to build and support your memory (losing your memory is all part of growing older), and also meet new people.
4. Get a make-over. Nothing can make you feel better about yourself than looking good.
5. Get into a consistent exercise program. You will feel sexier, look healthier, and project a confident image to others.
Many women over the age of 40 begin to feel resentful of all they have given to their family, or that they were married to their career. Many of these women feel like they always followed the rules, and risqué sex offers them a chance to break this mold. One of the problems with quick hook-ups, whether they are from Facebook or texting, is that the sex is casual. If you are trying to evolve or do something for YOU then don’t turn to another to help you do YOUR work. Take control of your life; when you reach 40, you realize that the ride is half over. Make the last half meaningful for yourself with relationships, intimacy and sex. –Mary Jo Rapini


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