3 Signs You're Dating A Caveman

caveman and cavewoman
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If you're a woman and you want to have a long lasting, happy and fulfilling relationship, I suggest you become aware of the three danger signs that reveal a guy is a neanderthal who is only interested in you as his next conquest …

1. Moves too fast. For a caveman, the game is all about the excitement of the hunt and the adrenaline of bagging the "prize". Once he captures his victim and the excitement wears off, he is off to hunt again.

2. Focuses on sex. Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship between a man and a woman, but when a guy is focused on sex and isn't showing you that he has the ability to be a good partner outside of the bedroom, he is clearly demonstrating that he has some evolving to do.

3. Sudden behavior changes. When a guy's behavior suddenly changes from hot to cold, it is a tell tale sign that emotionally he is stuck in the Stone Age. 

There comes a time in a guy's life where there is a rite of passage when he ultimately becomes a man. In fact, many religions and cultures often have ceremonies and events which celebrate this time. Unfortunately, those guys who never go thru this rite of passage emotionally never grow up and evolve into a responsible and mature adult male.

If you would like to have a happy and fulfilling relationship, it would serve you best if you avoided those guys who consistently exhibit any of the above danger signs. Because if you don't, it won't be his fault … it will be yours!

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