Courtship: Alive, Dead Or Napping?

couple on a date

Times are changing, but should we kiss love goodbye?

New York Times article on the death of courtship recently unleashed a huge debate on dating. The piece addressed the hookup culture and how modern technology, such as Facebook and Twitter, are taking the place of dates and charm — calling the dating world "a cycle of text messages, each one requiring the code-breaking skills of a cold war spy to interpret.”

Our friends at The Frisky delve into the heated issue saying that courtship isn't gone — it's just in a transition period, learning how to adapt and respond to new changes. In fact, this era is filled with more options since marriage and kids are no longer mandatory.

Author Ami Angelowicz says: "Call me naive, but I truly believe that when two people really care for each other, all the conditions fall away and courtship happens. It may not happen in a “traditional way,” but it still happens. Texting or Facebook or the recession or confusion about normative gender roles don’t become an obstacle to love, they become a bridge."

Read more about why courtship is taking a rest at The Frisky: Courtship Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Taking A Nap.

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