Top 5 Juiciest Romance Scandals Of 2012

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This year was filled with a lot of drama for Hollywood. So, which stories were the most scandalous?

It looks like there were some intense romantic dramas in Hollywood this year! And we just couldn't get enough. Here, we hash out some of the most noteworthy ones...

As luck would have it, this year proved to be another one filled with all sorts of crazy relationship scandals, which we're positive you may have read about all over the place – including right here on this blog!

That said, we did a little digging to pick out which romance scandals were super-hot and! They were just so good we couldn’t resist hashing them out one last time before saying good-bye to this year – while also eagerly awaiting the stories that’ll make us gasp in 2013.

So, now it's time to take a peek into the scandals that kept us glued to the headlines. See if you remember how it all went down! (How could you forget? We didn't!) And then tell us in the comments: Which ones were you most intrigued by this year?

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