How To Throw A Sexy Bridal Lingerie Party!

bridal lingerie party
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A lingerie designer's expert tips on how to throw a sexy & fun party for the bride-to-be!

For some blushing brides, unwrapping boxes and boxes of lingerie at a bridal shower (in front of the mother-in-law) is reason enough to elope. But, I have some tips for the best bridal lingerie party ever!

This is one of the only times in a woman's life where her friends all gather in one place to celebrate her friendship and femininity as they send her off to the next phase of her life. So have fun! If strippers and penis candles aren't for your bride, a lingerie party is a perfect way to giggle together and spoil her.

Find out all of my steps to throwing the perfect celebration in the gallery below:

PHOTOS: How to Throw A Sexy Bridal Lingerie Party!

Tell us: have you ever been to a bridal lingerie party?

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