Will Money Ruin Your Relationship?

Will Money Ruin Your Relationship? [EXPERT]

The two factors of money and privacy clash in every situation discussed above. These clashes, in and of themselves, do not mean doom for your relationship, but they do indicate areas of possible conflict that will likely need to be negotiated in order for you to experience relationship success.

When couples are vastly different in their need for financial security, I might ask them to consider setting up different bank accounts. One will be a joint account for their living expenses, with each contributing their fair percentage from their pay. Then they can each set up their own separate account for what is left with each person having the say about how they spend the money in their personal account. You can then negotiate the degree of transparency that you want regarding the personal accounts. 5 Sexy Ways To Spend Your Tax Return As A Couple

As far as privacy goes, I like to have couples determine what the dealbreakers are and let their partners know what areas kept secret would pose a real problem for the continuation of the relationship. Then, if and when one of those deal breakers is breached, the person doing the withholding knows what he or she is risking in keeping information secret.

Having conflicting needs strengths does not mean the end of your relationship, but it does mean you have some things to work out. Determine what you need, hear what your partner needs and then negotiate a solution that you are both happy with. The 6 Biggest Tax Mistakes Couples Make

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