Everything You Need To Know About Chemistry: Part I

Everything You Need To Know About Chemistry
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Will your attraction lead you to true love or will it lead you astray?

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Have you noticed that indiscriminately following your attractions often ends in disaster? If so, you've come to the right place. In this series of articles, I'll take you on the chemistry journey of your life. As we travel together, you'll begin to look at your relationships differently. You will be empowered at times when you've previously felt lost or confused. Let's begin.

Scientists have a lot to say about attractions. Chemistry can be partially attributed to increased oxytocin and dopamine levels. That is, when you feel chemistry with another person, your body is producing those chemicals ... but why? And are those increased levels a reliable indication of love? After all, shouldn't we be able to trust our bodies to tell us when something is right or wrong? What Is Our Greatest Addiction?

If my finger is bleeding, I know I was cut. But if I don't figure out that holding the kitchen knife the wrong way caused the injury, I may hold it the same way again. The same principle applies to relationships. You may know your heart aches, but if you can't figure out why, you're bound to repeat the same mistakes, ending up in a vicious cycle of heartache.

We have been told that chemistry has a lifespan two years tops. What scientist and relationship experts haven't figured out is why the chemical releases drop and attractions seem to fade over time, but the reason is right in front your face. When everything else has gone to hell in a handbasket, the chemical levels lower. The good news is that, given the chance, they will bounce right back!

Our brains work like our bodies. If you get pneumonia, you don't stop breathing and your heart doesn't stop beating. The body does the best it can, but until the pneumonia's gone, your heart and lungs don't function at full capacity. Chemistry works exactly the same way. A man or woman gets your attention. You can feel him/her from a across a room. You can't take your eyes off of him/her. Drawn to each other like magnets, you meet, you engage, you dive in like a dry sponge in water and everything escalates. Engaged & Terrified: What Your Fear Is All About