Beyond Orgasm—Creating True Intimacy, Sexuality & Love

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Simple and Powerful Questions for Immediately Deepening Your Intimacy and Sexuality

Relationships can truly be the source of our greatest pleasures in life. I am truly committed to helping people discover that they actually have the power to create such profoundly loving and nurturing relationships.

In my first three articles I’ve discussed the transformational process of getting out of the box, and accessing your true self that is always waiting to be expressed.  This is true for everyone—especially you!!

My greatest hope and passion is that you and the rest of the world finally realize that our true humanity is lying just below the surface, waiting to be set free. It is up to us to recognize it, accept it, release it, and express it. That’s the real reason I wrote my book, Out of the Box for Life (HarperCollins). 

When we recognize that this place inside is always available, and is our deepest expression, it becomes our responsibility, not only to ourselves, but more importantly to each other, to live from this realization.

Now that you have learned about accessing your true self, I want to focus in the next few articles specifically on using this process to create the most loving, accepting, anger-free, and intimate relationships that are possible for you. And I want to start with a new possibility for intimacy and sexuality that you may have experienced before, and which is always possible when you connect with your deepest self—your true self--and the deepest self of the other. It’s an amazing possibility, and it can be yours for the asking!

Deepening Your Intimacy and Sexuality

Our ego is fully invested in keeping us comfortably safe and distant from others. In that separation, it is secure and protected because, like armor, it keeps out any threat of hurt or disappointment. Because of this we often settle for so little, especially in our most treasured relationships.

Perhaps you have not realized that so much more exists. Perhaps you are afraid. You simply have not realized what is possible, and therefore accept an intimacy and a sexuality that emanates from your ego, and from your sense of separation. This denies the possibility of true intimacy, except at those wondrous moments in your life when you feel “at one” with another. I invite you to explore much deeper levels of oneness in your lovemaking.

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