What Is Mobile Dating? Should I Try It?

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The benefits of trying out new technology and apps for dating on-the-go.

You've heard of 'mobile dating,' but you're not exactly sure what it is. Since you're already looking for love online and in the real world, is this new form of dating on-the-go something you should try as well? 10 Location-Based Mobile Dating Apps To Try

In this video, Cyber Dating Expert & YourTango Expert Julie Spira explains to a reader exactly what 'mobile dating' means today and what it consists of. She explains that the smart phone apps currently being offered by popular dating sites like eHarmony and Match.com are popular tools that can help make your search for love even easier and more convenient than it was before. They also offer a fun, flirty new way to showcase who you are and where you like to go!

Listen to all of Julie's reasons for why mobile dating apps are a great way to find love by watching the video above.