10 Best New Celebrity Couples Of 2011

10 Best New Celebrity Couples Of 2011 [PHOTOS]

These sexy stars got together this year to make even hotter duos!

We have to admit, it was hard to think of 10 new couples who got together in 2011 – amidst all the headline-making breakups, it doesn't seem like love was in the Hollywood air this year. But lo and behold, when we sat down to hammer out this list of the best new couples of the year, the happy stories from the past 12 months started coming back to us. 


PHOTOS: 10 Best New Celebrity Couples Of 2011

Here at YourTango, we'd much rather focus on the celebrities who are proving that happy, healthy relationships do exist in Celebland (we're not very good at being Debbie Downers, anyways). So, who earned a spot on our list, and how did they rank? 

Check out our gallery now to find out:

PHOTOS: 10 Best New Celebrity Couples Of 2011

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CelebLovers, which new couple of 2011 is your favorite?

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