Immature...Or Forever Young?


What really makes a grown-up?

So, yes, I’m mostly pleased with my Spinsterlicious life...but maybe I’m a little odd, too. I dunno. My friend, Lorraine, has an adorable son, AJ. One day he asked his parents, “Is Auntie Eleanore a grown-up?” I loved it because I was sure he was implying, “she’s so youthful and cool and fun, she couldn’t possibly be as old as you two are!” (His parents are actually younger than I am). Alas, turns out he was saying something really different. What he meant was “…because she doesn’t have a husband or any children”. Uh-oh. Even at 4 years old, he understood that I hadn’t done what I was supposed to do. (Sigh).

Fast forward a few years. The New York Times Magazine ran an article "What Is It About Twenty-Somethings" that talks about the traditional transition to adulthood as having five milestones: completing school, leaving home, becoming financially independent, marrying, and having a child! WTF!? I’m stuck at stage three. So AJ isn’t the only one who thinks I'm not a grown-up.

I never really liked too much being told what to do and I find this blurry, undefined lifestage of mine to be freeing. When you buck major traditions, there’s not a lot of rules you have to follow. If you’re supposed to get married and have children, and you don’t…well, it’s kinda wide open. Read more…