Divorce: 5 Steps For Surviving The Big D

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Divorce is never easy. Here are some tips to help you through it.

Goin' Through The Big D. That was the title and chorus of a song I loved in high school ... nice country twang, good lyrics and a toe-tappin' beat made it easy to dance to and listen loud as I drove through my hometown.  I thought it was a fun song and a good, lighthearted way to talk about divorce. Of course, that was until I went through 'the big D' myself. Suddenly, it wasn't so funny.

If you've never been through a divorce and wonder what the big deal is — let me tell you — it's not pretty. Imagine being run over by a Mack truck repeatedly, or having your house burn down while you stand by, helpless. Yes, divorce is that bad. Why You Should Date Your Complement, Not Your Clone

It's heart-wrenching watching the dreams you had crumble around you. It's awful to see what was supposed to be ours become mine and yours. If you have children, it's terrible explaining to them what is happening and seeing the confusion and sadness in their eyes.

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What do you do when your life falls apart around you and you feel powerless? I'm not a counselor, but from my experiences, in my opinion, there are some key things to remember when you're divorcing that will help you not only survive, but thrive:

1.  Give yourself permission to feel. One of my favorite sayings is "abnormal feelings in abnormal circumstances are perfectly normal." Allow yourself to grieve. 

2. Take time to heal. It is my belief that people need at least a year post-divorce to really heal from what happened. That year should include deepening your spiritual practices, seeking out a qualified therapist who can assist with the transition and re-evaluating what really matters in your life.

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3. Don't rush into dating. Far too many people in my office rush into dating just to soothe the ache of divorce but what they end up doing is delaying their healing.  If you were in a horrible car accident, you wouldn't try to leave the ICU and drive again before you've recovered ... Why do that with relationships? Depression: A Family Affair

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