How To Stop Intrusive, Obsessive Thoughts You Can't Seem To Let Go O

Here are five steps to stopping obsessive, intrusive mental chatter and create peace.

How to Trust Your Intuition

We all have it, but do we trust it? Intuition is your Highest Guidance - learn how to trust it!

How to See with Eyes of Gratitude

As we learn to view each experience as a gift, we raise our energy and miracles happen!

The Art of Givingness (the other side of gratitude)

It is an energy - how to give and receive and that leads to gratitude and joy!

The Universal Law of Gratitude

Gratitude is an important and powerful law of increase. You can learn how to use it well.

How to Switch off Negative Chatter and have More Fun!!

We've all taken in negative programming that limits joy. This process switches them off.

Get Your Ego out of the Way!

Ego talk keeps you small. Yet there is a bigger picture within you. You can connect with it!

Discover Your Limits! Do you have any?

What are your true limits and do you have any? Children don't know limit; you don't need to either

The Power of Focus - How to Move Mountains

You have the innate ability to conquer fear and achieve goals. Develop curiosity, focus & power.

My Healing Trip to Brazil

My trip to see John of God, a spiritual healer, who makes transformation possible.

Is it enough?

Life is an evolutionary process and we are in charge of it. We need to ask "Is it enough" regularly