Love Bytes: 10 Examples Of 'Gray-Area Cheating'

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Plus, when running away from your problems IS the answer.

Just what is cheating, anyway? There are sneakier signs of infidelity than just an affair. (The Stir)

PornMD, one of the largest porn search engines out there, has a new live search page that shows — in real-time — what people are searching for in porn at this exact moment. And some of the results are pretty eyebrow-raising. (Huffington Post Weird News)

During a recent Milwaukee Bucks game, something awesome came up on the jumbo screen, and it wasn't a marriage proposal. (Bleacher Report)

Say what? Why running away from your problems might be the best decision you've ever made. (The Frisky)

Rent The Runway now has legit bridal gowns — just in time for wedding season. (SheFinds)

25 hilarious and physically demanding sex positions. You'll need to hit the gym before attempting these crazy sex positions. The "Standing Wheelbarrow" anyone? (Guyism)

Relationship at a standstill? It might be easier to fix than you thought. (ModernMan)

Come on, guys, hit above the belt! Seven ways healthy couples fight. (DearVagina)

Enter the future with the innovative skin rejuvenation treatment everyone's talking about! (Cupid's Pulse)

Girl power! Author Katie Heaney fills us in on why we should already be "our other half." (Cupid's Pulse)

Behold: A list of the best grilled cheeses of all time. (HiConsumption)

50 best movie twist endings of all time. First date and nothing to talk about? Throw on one of these crazy-twist-ending movies, and be ready to stay up all night! (Guyism)

You kiss your boyfriend with that mouth?! A professional makeup artist gives us the scoop on why our makeup may be our worst enemy. (Celebzter)

A real guy answers: "I was too needy. Can I redeem myself?" (A New Mode)

The relationship is over, but your feelings aren't. Is it ever OK to get back together with your ex? A real guy says ... Yes. (A New Mode)

It's no biggie if your man's best friend happens to be a chick, but it is if he starts exhibiting these telling signs he's into her. (Gurl)

Think your day was bad? At least you didn't have one of these awkward things happen to you during sex. And if you did, our sincerest condolences. (The Gloss)

It's baby season in Hollywood! A whopping 10 bundles of joy have been born this month, and the mini-me's couldn't be cuter. (CelebrityBabyScoop)

Too good to be true: Get Lupita N'yongo's beauty secrets from her makeup artist himself! (Essence)

Warm weather, please! Head to the beach with the cast of South Beach Tow and join the Ashenoff family as they scuffle with some of Miami’s toughest residents — all in the name of towing a car. (TruTV)

Ladies, it's spring cleaning, and we know what that means: time to revamp the old wardrobe! Check out this slideshow to see what to toss and what to add. (SheFinds)

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