Love Bytes: To Call Or Not To Call? That Is The Question

woman waiting for call

Plus, butt facials are actually a thing now. (The things we do for love.)

The date is great. The kiss that follows is even better. You're all smiles as you go your separate ways, but then....nothin'. No phone call. No text message. Handsome McSmiles just vanished into thin air. He must have been faking his interest. Right...? (A New Mode)

Singing. Orgasms. Singing and orgasms. It sounds like a good idea at first, but in practice — it's probably not a good idea. (Huffington Post Weird News)

No one has ever sat down and said,"Wow, I think my butt needs to be exfoliated." Nowadays, butt facials are becoming an expectation instead of an eyebrow-raising practice. Does your hiney need a day at the spa before bikini season? (SheFinds)

9 of the most dangerous vacation spots in America. Thinking of taking a mini vacay with your love? Travel is hard, but it can also be romantic. Where should you and your SO spend the weekend? Here are 9 places that you should probably avoid if you're looking to have a good time. (Guyism)

The big day has arrived! You're wearing a ridiculously expensive dress. Your friends are your servants for the day. You've cried more than twice already. Nothing seems to be going right. Your face looks flawless. A woman's wedding day is a BFD. Here are some things you shouldn't forget on the big day! (SheFinds)

Just because he put a ring on it doesn't mean that he shouldn't take you out on dates anymore. You're going to be with your husband forever. Might as well keep things interesting! Here are 10 date ideas for married couples. (Cupid's Pulse)

25 things you shouldn't do naked (but people did anyway). Climbing him like a tree doesn't sound all that appealing when the him is actually a tree and you're naked. Chafe central. Yikes. Our birthday suits are comfortable and many of us enjoy doing things while being wild and free (I meant sleep; get your minds out of the gutter). There are some things you should never do while naked; here are 25 of them. (Guyism)

Love isn't easy. Love doesn't pay the bills or necessarily keep your relationship happy. Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Marriage counselor, Marcia Naomi Berger, has some advice to dispense. (Cupid's Pulse)

Girls in leather, boots, and riding motorcycles? What other reason do you need to start a biker gang with your besties? Badass and beautiful sounds like a good life motto to me! (DearVagina)

Men love breasts. Women wear breast well. There is a mutual appreciation going on here. Babies need milk and the milk that's best for them is provided by their mother's breasts. So why has breastfeeding been banned from certain public places? Shouldn't that count as child neglect — I mean, they are preventing me from feeding my child. (DearVagina)

Ever been bitten by a bug? Well, you probably know how irritating they are. They're itchy and uncomfortable and make you wanna punch someone. Here are 6 ways to stop a bug bite from making you scratch like crazy. (ModernMan)

Wanting to be more than just friends with someone is a dilemma that most people face at some point in their lives. Being stuck as a buddy sucks, but not everyone will share your feelings. We have to respect that, but it doesn't mean you can't try to get them to see you differently. (ANewMode)

Teenagers are precocious, awkwardly tall bundles of angst. But their sarcasm is often amusing. This young lady decided to go out with a funny yearbook quote, but it almost got her in some serious trouble with the school administration. I guess they don't like puns. (BroMyGod)

I've learned how to wield eyeliner and mascara so I don't look like one of the undead after I wake up in the morning. But, makeup artist Elsa Rhae has an incredible gift for making characters come to life on facial canvas. (BroMyGod)

What girl hasn't wanted to be a princess? Who doesn't want to be treated like the most special person in the room or live in a castle? We probably won't ever get our princess wishes to come true (except for Kate Middleton) but we can go stay in a castle hotel to make ourselves feel better! (HiConsumption)