Love Bytes: The New Breakup App That Will Change Dating Forever

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Plus, learn how to handle the ex-plosive situation between your new S.O. and your previous flame!

It's pretty well-known that breakups suck. No one likes getting hurt or letting someone go, but that's a part of love in life. But there's an app called, "Breakup RX" that may change the nature of breaking up forever. (AskMen)

Your pleasure is now right at your fingertips. May is the month of self-love, after all. Check out some seriously intense new technology made for the ladies! (The Stir)

The bond between siblings is something truly priceless. Watch this young girl carry her injured sister across the finish line. #TeamSiblings (Huffington Post Good News)

Exes can be some of the biggest issues in relationships, especially newer ones. Unresolved feelings, tenuous friendships between past loves, and rampant insecurities can cause a relationship to crumble in minutes. Here's some insight to help you deal with the Ex-problem. (The Frisky)

Pregnancy sex is often a hit or miss. Guys love the bigger cup sizes and women tend to shy away from anyone seeing her swollen belly. Here's some advice for couples dealing with this issue. (Essence)

Procrastination affects everyone. No one goes to work everyday and feels prepared to do all the things that they must finish. Here are some easy ways to prevent procrastination! (ModernMan)

Bad dates are a part of life. Sometimes, we can spot a train wreck within five minutes of the date beginning. Other times, we don't even notice something is wrong until they're leaning in for the kiss. (DearVagina)

Loving someone is hard. Letting someone that you loved go is even more difficult. How do we know when a relationship has run its course? Here are some signs that your romance has come to an end. (DearVagina)

Women want it all — romance, career, fitness, and friends. How's a single lady supposed to get her groove on when she's got work taking up most of her time? (Easy, don't date someone who's clingy). Here are some tips for career-driven woman to lock down a dude! (Cupid's Pulse)

Going from married to single has to be a jarring transition. But don't give up hope! (Cupid's Pulse)

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Men are simple creatures. They like what they like, but mostly, they're visual. So those hideous skirts you have hiding in the closet will do you no favors in the world of love. (SheFinds)

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