Love Bytes: 10 Reasons Spring Is The Best Time To Hook Up (GIFs)

couple in spring
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Plus, some of the biggest dating fails. Ever.

It's spring and love is in the air — cue the hilarious (and somewhat inappropriate) GIFs. (The Frisky)

Dating is difficult enough with online, Skyping, and texting. How's a girl supposed to know when she should send that first text? (Gurl)

Want to know if he's cheating? Here's the signal that actually worked for one woman! (The Stir)

Cue the tears! Elsa the pitbull brings love and inspiration to the patients at this rehabilitation center. (Huffington Post Good News)

Speaking of animals we love, April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. Click over to learn from our friends at Dogster how you can help! (Dogster)

Consider this your secret weapon, ladies: The quirks that guys find irresistible, including your skinny jeans dance (you know what we're talking about). (AskMen)

Hate those Fabio-esque romance novels? Then this list is for you. (POPSUGAR Love & Sex)

This teen girl was arrested for having a loaded gun ... in a spot where the sun don't shine, frankly. (Huffington Post Weird News)

You're bound to relate to at least one of these: the 16 most awkward things that happen when you're binge dating. (The Gloss)

If you were thinking about hooking up with your ex, DON'T do it. If you still need convincing, here are 11 reasons. (College Candy)

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9 drunkest countries in the world. This might be a little hardcore for date night: This is where the party never stops and the alcohol flows freely. (Guyism)

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Tinder allows us to interact with people depending on how attractive we find them. Most girls are attracted to the same type of guy (and the same type of personality). So, unfortunately each time you swipe to the right, you'll encounter some of the same types that are pretty but also pretty bad. (SheFinds)

A camping trip with your SO is a great romantic getaway for both of you. Make sure you get a tent that's appropriate for your outdoors adventure. (HiConsumption)

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I guess worse things have happened on date nights? (BroMyGod)

With time comes familiarity. Being comfortable with someone is the ultimate desire for every relationship, but where is the thin line between comfort and boredom? (A New Mode)

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