Battle Of The Sexes: Can Women Really Date "Like Men"?


If he can play the game, why can't you?

If you are tired of the negative connotations that come along with playing the field, get in line. Whether it's from our favorite romantic comedies or the media, we've heard for centuries that women crave commitment. But is it possible for modern women to enjoy the chase as much as men?

YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman is joined by relationship experts Marla Martenson, Carin GoldsteinJen Duchene and Kelly Rudolph to discuss whether or it's possible to date for fun without having an ulterior motive in mind. Being single and ready to mingle doesn't have to mean that you are focused on committing or starting a family.

If you agree that there's nothing wrong with seeing what the dating field has to offer, you'll want to check out the video above.