8 Scary Signs Your Partner Doesn't Respect You

sad woman

Plus, the new breast milk trend you have to see to believe.

Are you in an abusive relationship? From not understanding the word "no" to controlling your friendships, here are 8 tell-tale signs that your partner doesn't respect you. (The Frisky)

How far would you go to sell your car? One man was so desperate to get rid of his 1990 Volkswagen Golf he staged a sex doll photo op with his vehicle for eBay. Awkward. (Huffington Post Weird News)

One woman takes being friends with your ex to a whole other level. Sabrina Timms’ ex volunteered his kidney after learning that he was a perfect match. (Huffington Post Good News)

Pat Robertson strikes again. What did he say this time? Women owe their husbands sex for doing chores. Excuse me, what? (The Stir)

Grown men have admitted to drinking breast milk for nutritional purposes. Don't like dairy in a liquid form? You can also opt for breast milk cheese. Eww ... really? (Newser)