How Do I Help My Kid Get Over A Crush?


They swear it's more than just puppy love.

From the floating butterflies in your stomach to your sweaty palms, falling for someone new is a universal experience. Because of this, it's only natural to want to help your children put their best foot forward when it comes to confronting their crush. But what do you do when the heart racing feeling turns into heartache? If you're itching for tips on what to do when your child is hit by the lovebug and cupid's arrow misses, this parenting advice is foolproof!

Parenting expert Tammy Nelson is joined by YourTango experts Tara Kennedy KlineRhona BerensMiriam Kove and Barbara Beck Holstein to tackle the protocol for helping your kid get over his or her crush. Part of living and loving is losing. But how do you help your teen or pre-teen get over being destroyed by his or her first love? The key is to really listen to your child’s feeling and thoughts. Don't ever make your child feel small because of their feelings because it's more than puppy love. Also, even though it may be hard, you have to resist the urge to make this about you because it isn't. While it's important to empathize with your child, you have to make sure that you're listening first. After having a bad day, she just wants to tell you about what she is feeling and thinking without having to battle you for your attention. Instead of offering solutions, hear her (or him) out first. Doing this will make your kid more likely to stay calm enough to figure out what to do.