Hop To It: 5 Fun Easter Activities That Will Keep Parents Sane

family with bunny ears.

Get ready for some fun under the sun this holiday.

Now that Easter is only a few days away, it's crunch time. Parents, if you're looking for ways to keep your kids entertained, you're going to hop to it in order to keep them on their toes. From DIY basket craft time to races in the park, get into the holiday spirit with these fun activities that are perfect for the entire family!


Egg Decorating
This first option is a no-brainer. As one of the staple activities during this season, decorating eggs can be a very enjoyable experience no matter how fancy or unique your designs are. Not only will this keep the kids busy, it's the perfect set up for an impromptu family photoshoot — paint covered faces and all.
Basket-Crafting Time
You don't have to be a craft master to perfect the art of baskets. Do you know what's better than a basket filled with sweets?

...One that substitutes candy with more rewarding treats such as popular movies, toys and healthy snacks. Less sweets equals less sugar induced energy. In the long run, this can only mean more smiles and smaller headaches for you, of course.

You're welcome.
DIY Bunny Ears
When in doubt, you can't go wrong making a DIY bunny ear crown fit for a king (or queen!). The best part about this activity is that it can be done with basic household items that you already own! Rachel of Project Nursery definitely brought on the cute with these lovable bunny ears.
As far as delectable treats go, Easter inspired baked goods should always be the food of choice. Not only are these carrot topped cupcakes by retired CNA Stormy Stewart are totally made up of sugar, spice and everything nice, they would also make the perfect Instagram shot (bunny ears selfie with gratuitous foodie pic equals killing two birds with one stone).
Easter Egg Hunt
Put your kids' detective skills to the test by having an Easter egg hunt. This is a great (not to mention sneaky) way to keep them moving and exercising without noticing! To make things more fun, hide little toy prizes for them to find along the way.

What are some of the holiday traditions that your family follows?