Love On A Budget: Celebrate Valentine's Day With Affordable Gifts

Couple on valentine's day.
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Shower each other with luxurious, pampering, blissful love without spending all of your money!

Roses are overrated. There. We said it. Now, we are certainly not knocking the Valentine who is thoughtful enough to buy flowers to express his undying love on Cupid's holiday, but we are saying that there's more to February 14th than thorny roses with a short shelf life and boring boxes of mediocre chocolate.

This year, shower each other with luxurious, pampering, blissful love without spending more than a hundred bucks. It's true! You can do opulent without spending a pretty fortune.

Because we know we are in good company with our chocolate fanaticism, we are not about to suggest that raspberry-filled truffles or dark cocoa pecan turtles get eliminated from the intimate equation. But why not think outside of the heart-shaped cardboard and aim for something more original? With thoughts on making this the best, most sumptuous hearts day ever, we've rounded up ten sweet (French macarons) and soft (Egyptian cotton bed sheets) Valentine's Day gift ideas that play to the senses, have the ability to enhance moods and are just plain pleasurable in one way or another.


This is not your drugstore box of chocolates The Chicago-based luxury confection company boasts a line that includes unique flavors and ingredients like bacon, sea salt, and chiles and, weird as it sounds--it totally works!

Exotic Truffle Collection

Sure, you could spend half a day in the kitchen slaving away and fretting about the final appearance (and texture) of your dessert, or you could simply place an order with the company that is in the business of producing the absolute best New York-style cheesecake you'll ever taste

Classic Cheesecake
Enjoy Silk

Sexy doesn't have to mean showing a ton of skin This time of year, you're better off luxuriating in a set of silk PJs that are sensual but comfortable as well.

His and Hers Pajama Sets
$89 for one pair